I'll No Longer Stay Silent

by Livewire

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released December 3, 2016

This Ep was Mixed,Mastered,And Recorded by KOTP Recordings



all rights reserved


Livewire Tallahassee, Florida

Livewire is a 4 piece emotional heavy hardcore band from Tallahassee,FL

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Track Name: Breaking Silence
I'll no longer stay silent
It'll be me shining the light
Everything you stood for
You threw away in one night
You're no ally
You're a predator hiding in plain sight

An unconscious body can't say yes
Did becoming what you hate bring you happiness x2

You're existence will be internal punishment
You can't run from this
Try to find where to send the blame
Till you realize only you remain

I hope this memory that I'll never remember, is burned in your mind forever
Track Name: Vision Me
These days I wonder
Do I haunt your memories?
When you dream, Do you ever think of me?
When you see my photo on your aunts wall, Do you even feel sad at all?
or are you that disconnected from what you're done?

Vision Me
Pain Free
Track Name: Every Breath
And as you breathe your last breath
I'll know true happiness
My lungs will fill for the first time, Since I've been young
Knowing that you'll never breathe another breath
Gives me hope in this world
Because every breath you take
Is another slap to my face

When you're sitting there ready to die
I'll be in the back of your mind
You'll think of the son you abandoned
and start to cry
How's it feel to know, all your life is, is misery?
I hope you die more and more with every thought of me

I'll never let your soul forget what you did to me
I'll never let your soul forget what you did to my family
Track Name: One Pull
So worried about what my friends will think
Internally in my head I sink
What will my family say?
Will they love you anyway?

Will no one listen?
Will no one help?

No connection left to this world
But too weak to end it myself
The gun is loaded and the safety's off
Please help me make it stop

It's just one pull
And all my dreams are realized
This world won't believe me
They've fallen for your lies

It's just one pull
And all my dreams are realized
Just rest the barrel
Right between my eyes
Track Name: Behind The Shield
You preach anti-rape culture
Till its one of your friends
Where are your morals now?
Why are you coming to their defense?

You know better than this

You're climbing a ladder that I'll tear down
Step by Step, Inch by Inch
I'm exposing all of this
There's a line and it's drawn in the sand
on which side do you stand?

Do you practice what you preach or are you just another leech?(x2)